UK to support Colombia’s new intelligence agency

The UK announced Tuesday it would provide help and advice on the implementation of Colombia’s new national intelligence agency, and its law for compensating victims of the conflict.

Colombian President, Juan Manuel Santos, along with National Security Adviser, Sergio Jaramillo, met with the director of Britain’s secret service MI6 to exchange experiences in intelligence to implement the new National Intelligence Agency of Colombia (ANIC).

Santos wants for the new intelligence agency to conduct tactical operations that identify threats against national security without interfering with the work of military and police intelligence.

The British government also announced that it would provide advice on the implementation of Colombia’s victims and land restitution law, which takes effect next year.

“There is great political support for the Victims Law, because they see it as the path to peace and social prosperity in Colombia, and it will help us in specific ways with the land registry, which is a technical capability that this very special country has, and will be put to the service of Colombia,” revealed UK ambassador to Colombia,  Mauricio Rodriguez.

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