Boy blown up by bomb he was forced to deliver

A 12 year-old boy was killed by the bomb he was ordered to carry to a police station in the southern Colombian Nariño department on Thursday.

Narino police said the boy had been instructed to deliver the bomb to the station in El Charco by the FARC.

“Apparently the child was approaching the police station when an officer, sensing something was wrong, ordered him to stop. The boy then turned and started to run, at which point the bomb exploded,” said regional government secretary, Fabio Trujillo.

Narino Govenor, Antonio Navarro said the boy, who was wearing his school uniform, had been “totally destroyed” in the explosion.

Navarro has offered a cash reward for any information leading to an arrest.

“It was a Machiavellian action, which will be reported before international organizations,” said Nariño police chief, Ignacio Fajardo.

El Charco police said that five other people had been injured in the blast, including two policeman.

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