Bogotá to welcome 2009 in style

For those that plan to be in Bogotá around new year’s but have no idea
what to do, the city’s administration announced to be hosting a first
ever public party where 2009 will be welcomed by a large public à la
New York’s Times Square or London’s Trafalgar Square.

Until now, Bogotá lacked such a public party but the city administration’s General Secretary, Yuri Chillán Reyes, took the initiative to make an end to that situation. In order to organize the event, the city worked together with Colpatria bank, the company that also owns the city’s tallest building, dubbed the ‘Torre Colpatria’.

There certainly won’t be a lack of music as acts like Los Gigantes del Vallenato, Nelson y sus Estrellas, Giovanny Ayala and San Miguelito have all promised to make an appearance at ‘The party for everybody’. Moreover, there will be a special fireworks show to help welcoming the new year.

The event starts at 7pm local time, to end three hours after midnight. The city’s bus system Transmilenio will be active until 3am on January 1st, so those attending the party won’t have to worry about how to get home.

Also keep in mind that from December 30th to January 1st it might be wise to leave your car at home if you plan to visit the city center, as several streets will be closed in order to accomodate the event.

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