‘Media campaign against me backed by rich and powerful’: Bogota mayor

Bogota‘s Mayor Gustavo Petro accused the media of plotting against him, backed by ” those higher up” that fear his progressive policies.

In an interview with the daily El Espectador, the ex-guerrilla, former senator and the former leader of the center leftist Polo party that there was a “coalition of interests” that did not want his renewal program to take place.

Petro said, “This opposition consists of those affected by the proposed reforms, land owners in the city limits where Bogota would be expanded to, contractors opposed to urban revitalization, and transporters who see the new districts as future competitors.”

The mayor is opposed to the proposed building of a major new highway and instead wants to build schools, parks and an integrated subsidized transportation system. He also plans to raise taxes for the wealthy in an attempt to close the city’s income gap.

Petro said that he felt abandoned, unfairly criticized, and voiceless in the face of a barrage of criticisms, especially since he was still in the 100-day grace period that was usually granted to newly-elected politicians.

Referring to those he said had called him “authoritarian,” he said, “If they lie about me, I have to give my version.”

He went on to say that his progressive plan for the city was “a program of the 21st century with respect to climate change, the fight against social segregation, and the revitalization of education, especially for children under five years old.” What is going on, he claims, “is that some fear my political growth. I am different and when I begin to develop alternative methods of government I become dangerous.”

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