Bogota Mayor looks to add 185 buses to capital city’s transit system

(Photo: El Espectador)

Bogota mayor Gustavo Petro sent 10 of 185 buses to the city’s mass transit system in an effort to improve the Colombian capital’s saturated public transportation.

Adding 20,000 additional seats to the city’s buses, which will be gradually phased in as new buses come online, should make public transportation more efficient, as it will enable the city to remove buses for traditional and underused routes and improve overall transit speed.

This month has seen the largest amount of passengers in the city’s history using the transit system – 3.3 million.

“To improve mobility conditions, Bogotá Humana has invested nearly $6 million in projects such as aerial cables… and regional trams. With the backing of the National Infrastructure Agency, the first subway line will end in detailed engineering studies on 7 October and the implementation along Boyaca Avenue. All these projects are prioritizing multimodal public transport,” said the Mayor.

Calling on citizens to have more “civic culture” when using the services and to care for the stations, buses, bridges, doors, floors and elevators system, which are all part of the transit system and which will all be undergoing renovations and repairs starting October 1.


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