Bogota Comptroller investigates missing funds for displaced

The Comptroller of Bogota has opened a case of fiscal responsibility against sectors of the capital city’s government meant to deliver aid to displaced families.

The Government Secretary’s Office, the Institute for Social Economy (IPES), and the Proactive Partnership Agreement of 0974 are all under investigation for failing to distribute the authorized amount of money.

According to the Comptroller, approximately $846 thousand are unaccounted for.

Agreement 0974 was made between the District and the Proactive Partnership in June 2010 in order to provide economic aid to 907 displaced families. By the contracted end date of May 2011, the Proactive Partnership had only delivered aid to 196 families.

The Partnership also allegedly gave out bad checks and did not give the authorized amount to many of the families who received assistance.

The Proactive Partnership is currently in liquidation which has made it more difficult to investigate their financial statements.

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