Bogota asks citizens to share city’s unique elements with the world

Bogota is calling upon its residents to share with the world what they think is special of Colombia’s capital.

The public-private Bogota Convention Bureau (BCB) recently launched a “five senses” campaign, an initiative to ask the people of Bogota about those experiences and places that could be most memorable to a potential visitor.

The five senses include “Histories and personages,” “Artistic,” “Smells and tastes,” “Traditions and Believes,” and “Urban.”

According to BCB spokeswoman Marcela Pinzon, the initiative was formed to discover what Bogota’s citizens believe makes their city stand out from other cities in order to later use this to lure “incentive tourists,” employees of foreign companies who are awarded a vacation for a job well done.

“In other words, what an incentive visitor is looking for is related to an experience that can only derive from the uniqueness of the product. Such uniqueness can only be found in our country’s traditions, our own historical patrimony, the unique way in which we used to make things and how they were made,” Pinzon told Colombia Reports.

The project carries a historical aspect as well, said Pinzon. “This heritage is in people´s minds and our elder´s stories and we do not want to lose them. That is what motivated the campaign.”

The alliance hopes that through the organic collection of first-hand knowledge and opinion it can advertise to potential event organizers those aspects and places most loved by the city’s inhabitants but least known by its tourists.

In a global world, shopping and nightlife are not unique offers anymore. Cities must stand out for their culture, own identity and traditions, and areas where we have lots to offer,” the BCB spokeswoman said.

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