Award-winning Tango troupe hit Bogota

Award-winning dance company “A Pura Tango” will stage their latest production “Reflections of the Soul” at Bogota’s Teatro Nacional la Castellana in July.

The company have built themselves quite a reputation following the success of previous productions “Shakespeare Tango” and “Tango Fusion,” which sought to explore the boundaries between different artistic genres. The group were winners at Medellin’s International Tango Festival in 2008 and 2009 for their outstanding choreography and music.

Under the direction of Sebastian Avendano, “Reflections of the Soul,” is a choreographic and artistic installation which tells the story of tango from its early beginnings to its evolution in recent years.

The group currently consists of a tango quintet, singers Carmen Usuga and David Gutierrez, and twelve dancers. The group are on their third national tour, visiting all of Colombia’s major cities.

“Reflections of the Soul” will be at Bogota’s Teatro Nacional la Castellana on July 27 and 28. The show starts at 8PM and tickets cost between COP40,000 and COP70,000. For more information click here.

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