Avianca director opens hotel chain

The owner of airline Avianca-Taca opened “Movich Hotels and Resorts” Tuesday, his new chain of hotels across Colombia, according to a report by

The new hotel chain Movich Hotels and Resorts will begin with four hotels in Medellin, Rio Negro, Cartagena and Pereira. The new chain currently offers 672 rooms and expects to add another 140 in 2012, with the addition of two hotels in Bogota.

Avianca director and new-owner of Movich Hotels and Resorts, Efromovich German, says that new hotel chain will be independent of Avianca-Taca, despite having the same director.

Movich Hotels and Resorts will work with other airlines and travel companies in order to design tourism packages for their guests.

The new hotels will not cater solely to the business travel market, but will also be available for the holiday market and for conferences.

According to the director, the hotel chain will be looking to consolidate its position in Colombia and then to expand to other Latin American countries such as Peru, Brazil, and Central America.

The Movich hotel chain currently employs about 640 people in Colombia.

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