Authorities raise alert for Nevado del Huila volcano

Authorities raised the alert code to orange for the Nevado del Huila volcano in south-west Colombia, after an increased level of volcanic activity was detected.

Colombia’s Institute of Mining and Geology (Ingeominas) alerted the public to an increase in the volcano’s activity after the emission of gases, ash and glowing material was observed in Nevado del Huila’s crater. Continuous seismic activity has also been registered.

According to Ingeominas the increase in volcanic activity may result in an imminent eruption. The institute advised local authorities to put emergency plans in place.

Authorities have been on alert since the volcano started spewing ash on September 1.

Meanwhile the Galeras volcano located close to the south Colombian city of Pasto remains on yellow alert after an eruption was registered on August 25.

Geologists permanently monitor both volcanoes’ activity. The 17,600 foot Nevado del Huila volcano erupted last in November 2008, causing an avalanche that killed ten people.

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