Authorities raid 5 more health insurance companies

Colombian authorities have raided the premises of five health insurance (EPS) companies, in a search for evidence linking them to the health sector scandal, El Espectador reported Tuesday.

The dawn raid returned some 7,000 gigabytes of information, containing over 2,000 emails, that the judicial police (DIJIN) have already begun to analyze.

In a joint operation, the DIJIN and the Prosecutor General’s Office raided the health insurance companies Sanitas, Coomeva, Salud Colpatria, Ecoopsos and Nuevo EPS.

Several officials from the various EPS companies, as well as from the Ministry of Social Protection and the Solidarity and Guarantee Fund (Fosyga), are the subject of current investigations.

Saludcoop, Colombia’s largest EPS, was reposessed by the state on May 12 after being implicated in the major health sector scandal that first came to light in April.

Since then, several people have been arrested and there are 25 more active arrest warrants for people linked to the corruption scandal.

Thus far $17 million has been discovered to have been stolen from the state, with authorities estimating that the total figure could reach $2.5 billion.

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