‘AUC’ threatens judges on San Andres island

Judicial officials on the Colombian island of San Andres have received threats signed with the name of demobilized paramilitary group the AUC, reports Caracol Radio.

The Administrative Court Circuit of San Andres have dismissed the threats against a number of its judicial officers, including the vice president of the tribunal and Magistrates Martha Vargas Erazo and Beatriz Ariza Reyes.

The court added that all offenders must cease their attempts to undermine the independence of the courts and called upon members of the public to cooperate with the authorities to uncover those responsible.

Chairman of the Dispute Tribunal Jorge Eduardo Ramirez Amaya stated that the decisions of the legal system have never been manipulated by outside factors and they will never be in the future.

The island of San Andres is an archipelago in the Caribbean sea and is the subject of a prolonged legal battle over maritime borders between Colombia and Nicaragua.

The AUC disarmed between 2003-2006, but successor groups involving many of the same individuals have sprung up to take its place.


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