AUC supported Mario Uribe: Mancuso

Salvatore Mancuso, extradited leader of demobilized paramilitary organization the AUC, testified before a Colombian court that his organization supported the 2002 political campaign of Maro Uribe, a former senator and cousin of former President Alvaro Uribe.

The extradited leader of the AUC’s Northern Bloc, who is in a United States jail facing drug trafficking charges, testified via video conferencing before the Colombian Supreme Court, which is currently prosecuting Mario Uribe for his alleged ties to the paramilitary organization.

According to Mancuso, he gave his troops the order to rally support for Uribe after being advised to do so by Eleonora Pineda, a former congresswoman who has been convicted for her ties to the AUC.

According to Caracol Radio, Mancuso seemed upset after his declaration, and said he was suspending his collaboration with Colombian justice for security reasons.

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