57 FARC guerrillas captured over Easter week

The Colombian army says it captured 57 FARC guerillas, some of whom were killed, in operations across the country over this year’s Easter holiday week.

Some 50 military operations against illegal armed groups were undertaken by the army over the holiday period, according to an army press release.

Over this time the army reportedly took down some 115 criminals and terrorists, including 57 FARC operatives. Of the 115 criminals, 23 were killed in combat, 25 voluntarily turned themselves in, and the rest were captured.

Amongst those killed include leader of FARC’s 24th Front, “Rubiel Colorado,” who operated in the south of the department of Bolivar.

The army claims to have seized “52 assault rifles, six rifles, one submachine gun, eleven handguns, four grenade launchers, 346 kilos of explosives,” over the period, and to have eradicated 852 hectares of “illicit cultivation,” and captured fifteen kilos of cocaine.

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