Antioquia plans for safe holiday season

Over 5,000 military and police are prepared to provide extra security in Antioquia to make it a safe place for locals and tourists over the holiday season, Medellin newspaper El Mundo reports.

Antioquia police commander Colonel Jorge Andres Rodriguez Bourbon explained that the objective of Antioquia’s security plan, initiated last Saturday, is to ensure the tranquility of Antioquia. The forces will aim to prevent and control liquor smuggling, illegal possession of weapons, domestic violence, and drunk driving.

Rodriguez added that a special force will seek to counteract the production, marketing and handling of fireworks by minors to reduced the number of children who get burnt by fireworks.

“Based on previous assessment, we will monitor the sites that have been characterized by the sale and consumption of gunpowder,” the police commander explained.

Last year, police reported that 21 minors were injured by fireworks in Colombia.

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