Alvaro Cadena, the ‘serious threat’ for journalist who exposed Uribe’s alleged criminal activity

Alvaro Cadena is the brother of “gangstattorney” Diego Cadena and poses a “serious threat” to the journalist who exposed his brother’s alleged criminal activity, according to Colombia’s press freedom foundation.

Semana columnist Daniel Coronell has published evidence that could put Uribe and the self proclaimed “gangstattorney” in prison for fraud and bribery.

Miami’s only physical therapist assistant with his own private jet told his brother to “throw a party for that son of a bitch,” wiretaps obtained by Colombia’s Supreme Court and published by Coronell revealed.

Don’t tell him shit, leave him be. And when he least expects it he’ll get a headache for being a son of a bitch.

Alvaro Cadena

The gangstattorney responded by telling his brother he had already contacted “Vinagre.”

The apparent threats alerted both Coronell and press freedom foundation FLIP.

According to FLIP representative Jonathan Bock, “the terms used in the recording warn about the seriousness of what they were planning.”

Bock added that this “serious threat” is amplified by the fact that Cadena is the fixer of former President Alvaro Uribe.

Multiple witnesses and potential witnesses against the family of the former Medellin Cartel associate and leader of the far-right Democratic Center party have been assassinated.

Who is killing witnesses against Colombia’s former president?

Bock told public television network Canal Uno that the press freedom foundation has contacted organizations like the Committee to Protect Journalists “to identify the risk level” and “take preventive action.”

The brother of the supposed physical therapist assistant is a key witness in the investigation of the Supreme Court that charged Uribe with fraud and bribery after finding evidence the former president was manipulating witnesses.

The case is centered around two surviving witnesses who have testified that the Uribe family formed its own death squad in the 1990s. One of them survived an assassination attack and the wives of both have been intimidated.

The “gangstattorney” allegedly played a role in multiple cases of suspected witness tampering, but not with too much success.

One witness told W Radio she received money from Cadena and  the very first witness who was supposed to defend Uribe reportedly testified under oath he received money from the “gangstattorney” and even surrendered evidence.

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