Alleged FARC rebel was to meet with ‘Ivan Marquez’: W Radio

The suspected FARC rebel who was arrested on arrival in Venezuela Saturday came to that country to meet with rebel commander “Ivan Marquez,” Colombian radio station W reported Monday.

According to the radio station, Marquez sent a message to Joaquin Peres Berreca saying “we must meet as soon as possible to define urgent logistical issues,”

W Radio did not say where the message came from.

Marquez, one of the members of the guerrillas’ Secretariat, is assumed to be hiding in Venezuela.

Colombian authorities accuse Perez Berreca of being the FARC’s ambassador to Europe. According to Colombian media, the arrested man is director of Anncol, a website that regularly published press releases of the rebel group.

Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos said Sunday that the alleged rebel will be extradited to Colombia on Monday.

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