Captured guerrilla denies being ‘Alfonso Cano’s’ bodyguard

“El Indio Efrain,” the arrested FARC guerrilla accused of having been “Alfonso Cano’s” security chief, over the weekend denied having been his leader’s bodyguard.

The 54-year-old guerrilla, who was seriously injured during the military operation which killed Cano on Friday, admitted to prosecutors he spent the last six months in Cauca helping the rebel leader plan his movements. El Indio Efrain also admitted doing FARC intelligence work, but denies he was Cano’s top guard.

The rebel was told by a court in Cali that he faces a certain jail sentence – but for now remains under tight security at the Valle University Hospital, where doctors are determining whether his arm needs to be amputated. He can expect a sentence of between eight and twelve years.

El Indio Efrain, whose real name is Tomas Garcia, has been linked to FARC for 30 years. He was initially confused with another rebel known as “Pancho Chino,” but the authorities have now established his identity.

The guerrilla is accused of participating in multiple attacks against police officers and civilians including the kidnapping of 12 deputies from the Valle del Cauca Assembly in 2002, which resulted in the deaths of 11 people.

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