Cano’s brother asks for ‘dignified’ treatment of FARC chief’s remains

Alfonso Cano’s brother, Bogota Councilor Roberto Saenz Vargas, on Saturday called for the “dignified treatment” of his brother’s mortal remains.

Saenz Vargas called on Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos and other authorities to allow his brother, the slain commander of the guerrilla group the FARC, a “dignified burial” which he is ready to formally attend.

In a statement, the councilman also reaffirmed his call for peace in Colombia saying that “this fratricidal war has demonstrated [itself] to be a useless sacrifice.”

Saenz Vargas told newspaper El Espectador on Saturday that no one had gone to claim Cano’s body in Popayan, Cauca.

He also confirmed that he sent a letter to the Prosecutor General’s Office to claim the body of his brother, and he is willing to come up with all the evidence to show that he has a kinship with the deceased.

Cano, who led the FARC since 2008, was killed during “Operation Odysseus” Friday.

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