8 killed in Bogota following Colombia World Cup victory: Mayor

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Eight people have been killed in violence in Bogota that took place while Colombia was celebrating Sunday’s victory over Uruguay and a ticket to the World Cup soccer quarter finals, the capital’s mayor said Sunday.

Gustavo Petro’s tweets

Mayor Gustavo Petro announced the fatalities on his Twitter account, saying it was “very bad” sporting celebrations result in deaths.

Police contradicts Petro

Colombia’s police, which reported on the general public security during Saturday’s highly-antipicated game, said no deaths had been reported but that some 34 Colombians had gotten injured in soccer-related violence.

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Police admit policemen’s death

The Police was later forced to admit one auxiliary police bachelor had been killed while “preventing a riot.”

According to Petro, 150 were injured in Bogota alone after celebrations began over the 2-0 victory over Uruguay.

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Colombia’s second largest city, Medellin, reported no disturbances, and also in Cali the authorities and media reported nothing.

RCN Radio reported that a confidential Police source had said some 1,000 disturbances of public order took place countrywide.

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