70 Canadian companies contribute to Colombian FDI

Seventy Canadian companies are contributing to Colombian foreign direct investment, said the Colombian ambassador in Canada.

According to financial publication La Republica, the Ambassador, Clemencia Forero Ucros said that companies including Casa Luker and Polibagas are closing deals in Colombia.

The ambassador added that negotiations are taking place with the aim of exportation by air. She also said Canadian firms are protected by the judicial stability that Colombia offers.

Last week, Colombian businesspeople carried out field visits to stores such as Winners, Joe Fresh and The Bay in order to gain an understanding of the current market and the new benefits that they could offer.

Also the International Business Matchmaking Forum took place last week in which Colombian exporters displayed their goods – such as fruit, vegetables, chocolate, children’s wear, underwear and swimwear – to Canadian buyers.

According to entrepreneurs, Canadian culture puts a lot of emphasis on social responsibility and so where products have come to market through illicit crop substitution program, such as palm hearts and quinoa, there is an increased purchasing possibility.

The Canadian business tour of Colombian exports was organized in order to encourage trade following the entry into force of the free trade agreement on August 15, 2011.

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