6 soldiers and 2 police officers detained for murdering civilians

Six soldiers and two police officials have been detained for murdering civilians and reporting them as guerrillas in “false positive” killings Friday, CM& Noticia reported.

The men were accused of killing two civilians on two different occasions.

In the first occasion, the soldiers and policemen were accused of murdering a farmer after she walked past a military patrol. She was later buried, claimed, and listed as an enemy killed in combat with the FARC. The attack occurred in 2004.

The group was also accused of killing Garcia Garcia, after he was arrested as he was traveling with his wife and children. The men then allegedly presented his body as a fallen guerrilla.

Arrests and convictions for false postive killings have increased in recent months, with eight other soldiers sentence for false positives last week, and a major indicted the week before. From 2002 to 2010, there have been an estimated 3,000 cases of false positive killings in Colombia.

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