Spanish delicacies on offer in Bogota restaurants

Gastronomes have the opportunity to sample Iberian flavors at the fifth annual Spanish Food Festival in Bogota.

The festival menu includes meat and seafood tapas — such as pork loin, ham, octopus, meatballs, olives, fried eggs and Spanish potato omelet — and the traditional Spanish dish of paella.

The flavors are accompanied by desserts like Spanish donut and Catalan cream, and washed down with sangria, wine or Spanish liquors.

The festival is taking place in three ‘Café de Las Letras’ restaurants in different parts of the city: in ‘Colsubsidio’ in Calle 26 #25-40; in ‘El Cubo’ located in a business center in Calle 52ª, and Café de Las Letras Mazurén, in Calle 152 #53A-05.

The festival runs until February 19 every Thursday to Sunday, from 7AM until 8PM. All three restaurants have the same menu and the same prices.

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