500 extra policemen for downtown Bogota

An extra 500 policemen were mobilized Tuesday to patrol the center of Colombia’s capital, Bogota, in an effort to prevent crime and improve the current, concerning security situation.

The policemen will be on patrol throughout the city centre between now and January 9 in a Government bid to combat the escalation of criminal activities pervading the city neighborhoods, reported news station Radio Santa Fe on Tuesday.

Downtown Bogota will be divided into four quadrants to enable the maximum and most efficient security coverage by the Security Forces and individual policemen will be on the lookout for petty thieves, pick-pockets, touts and other small scale criminals who are risking the safety reputation of the city.

Bogota mayor Samuel Moreno recently complained the capital did not have enough police to ensure safety for its inhabitants. According to the mayor, the capital needs at least 6,000 extra policemen.

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