5-year-old dies in FARC raid in Cauca

A five-year old boy was killed Wednesday, and two policemen were injured, during a FARC raid on a police station in the municipality of Siberia, in the south-west Colombian department of Cauca, Caracol Radio reports.

The guerrillas attacked the police station with home-made explosives called “tatucos.”

Town councillor Luz Marina Patiño Campo and her five-year old son where in their residence when the attack began. One off the bombs was launched at their house, where it exploded, seriously injuring the five year old, who was rushed to hospital but died from his injuries.

Intense fighting between the FARC and the Colombian army is focused in south-west Colombia, particularly in the Cauca department, where mass forced displacement and civilians deaths are being reported.

The FARC leaders are believed to be holed up in the mountains in this area.

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