4 survive as plane make emergency landing in southwest Colombia

The pilot of a small plane managed to make an emergency landing in the jungle after his motor failed, and all four people aboard survived, including a pregnant woman he was trying to fly for medical care, Colombian officials said Friday.

Air Force Lt. Col. Jorge Suarez said rescue teams found the survivors on Friday and none had suffered major injuries.

Suarez said the Cessna 185 had left the southwestern city of city of Guapi Thursday and plane’s motor went out a few minutes after takeoff.

Pilot Fernando Valencia told Caracol Radio that he set the plane down on jungle foliage, calling it “a procedure that all pilots handle. It was an emergency landing on the jungle.”

The plane was damaged.

Suarez said Miyerlady Florez and her unborn child are healthy, and that Florez was close to giving birth.

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