Colombian raid on FARC camp kills 3

A Colombian air force attack on a FARC camp in the southern department of Guaviare killed at least three members of the guerrilla group and led to the arrest of four others, Colombian media reported Tuesday.

The camp, located in the Cabo Blanco area of the department, belonged to the FARC’s 37th Front and was led by two prominent rebel bosses – aliases “Cesar” and “Gafas.”

Authorities have not yet officially identified the bodies of the three deceased men, but have announced that among those arrested is William Forero Galvis, alias “Parrilla.”

Parilla reportedly participated in a February FARC attack against Jose Alberto Perez Restrepo, then-gubernatorial candidate for the Guaviare department.

Two of the four guerrillas arrested are minors and will be placed in the care of Colombian welfare institute Bienestar Familiar.

A computer and several documents were also reportedly seized at the site and will be turned over to military intelligence for analysis.

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