3 FARC guerrillas killed, 9 demobilize

Three FARC guerrillas were killed and nine surrendered in combat with the army in southern Colombia Tuesday.

The Defense Minister, Juan Carlos Pinzon, will travel Wednesday to the department of Huila where FARC guerrillas and army troops engaged in combat. The fighting allegedly resulted in three FARC deaths and the rest of the unit demobilizing, newspaper El Espectador reported.

The commander of the FARC group, Ivan Dario known as El Paisa, has still not demobilized or shown cooperation in the upcoming peace process with authorities.

According to Caracol Radio, military sources reported that several FARC members were also wounded during the operation. The injured guerrillas were allegedly transported by helicopter to a nearby hospital in the town of Neiva.

Military personnel were consequently able to seize “weapons, ammunition, documents and other items of war” after the operation that was carried out by the Ninth Brigade.

El Espectador also claimed that the nine demobilized guerrillas could be considered in part of the upcoming peace plan and potential demobilization of FARC.

Peace talks between the government and the guerrilla group, FARC, are set to take place this month in order to potentially end the ongoing armed conflict.

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