3 dead, 3 injured in mining-related Medellin shooting

Three people were killed Saturday and another three injured when assassins opened fire at a group of miners gathered in a Medellin home.

According to a police official, the attack took place Saturday afternoon in the Robledo neighborhood.

Two armed men entered the home and started shooting. The apparently armed miners returned fire, injuring one of the attackers. The second attacker was arrested by police when he was trying to flee in a taxi.

According to several media reports, at least one of the victims was a miner doing business in Amalfi, Antioquia, the birth place of several leaders of the now defunct paramilitary group AUC.

Amalfi, home to several gold mines, is being disputed by several armed groups. According to organized crime website InSight, the FARC‘s 36th front and neo-paramilitary groups “Los Urabeños” and “Los Paisas” are highly active in the area.

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