Teachers sentenced for assisting in sexual abuse of pupils

Three teachers from the north of Colombia have been sentenced to 37 years in prison for assisting a man abusing their students, Colombian media reported Sunday.

The Supreme Court ruled the teachers guilty of assisting an unidentified man, in the acts of sexual abuse of pupils of their school.

According to the court, the women were not mere witnesses of abuse. The three teachers from Cartagena were found guilty of assisting the man, who touched, sexually abused and photographed the girls aged between four and six.

At least nine complaints were filed at the Prosecutor General’s Office. These claims included, claims of oral sex, touching of genitals and forced pornography. The three teachers were involved in all these claims.

Colombian newspaper El Espectador reported that one of the teachers was rector and presumably very close to the abuser.

The majority of violations against the girls allegedly took place in the rector’s office in campus. The remaining incidents took place in a farm outside of Cartagena.


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