Colombia arrests 28 ‘drug traffickers’

Twenty-eight alleged traffickers working as part of ‘Los Paisas’ drug ring were arrested.

Among the captured was a reknowned cattle rancher and investor who oversaw the Central America and Europe trafficking routes, reports newspaper El Espectador.

In a major operation across seven Colombian departments, police captured 28 members of a drug trafficking ring that was sending large international shipments, allegedly on behalf of notorious drug lords Daniel ‘El Loco’ Barrera and Pedro ‘Cuchillo’ Oliveiro Guerrero, both of whom are among Colombia’s eight most wanted criminals.

According to the head of Dijin police division, General Luis Gilberto Ramírez Calle, this organization was led by Donaldo ‘El Gato’ Verber García, who received money from other dealers for the gradual purchase of drugs, which were then sent through the Barranquilla port to Nicaragua and Honduras. These are the new drug collection centers as police have begun cracking down on Mexico, due to recent seizures of drugs and money.

General Calle said that the ring was moving around thirty tonnes of cocaine a month. He also confirmed that of those detained, fifteen have asked to be extradited on charges of drug trafficking and murder.

Investigators also determined that Jaime Troncoso Bonilla, a known cattle rancher, investor and businessman in the areas of Cundinamarca, Tolima and Meta, was one of the closest to Daniel Barrera and Pedro Oliveiro. Troncoso and his business networks shipped drugs directly to Guatemala, Panama, Costa Rica, Mexico, e thBahamas, Santo Domingo, Holland, Spain and Belgium.

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