21 drug traffickers arrested in US-Colombia operation

Twenty-one drug traffickers wanted for extradition to the U.S. were arrested in a joint operation between the Colombian national police and U.S. authorities on Monday morning.

National Police Commissioner Oscar Naranjo told WRadio that the Colombian police are working with the U.S. on operation “Fronteras.”

Naranjo said operation Fronteras, which led to the 21 arrests, was carried out simultaneously in several cities around Colombia and is still underway in the U.S.

According to Naranjo the traffickers were involved in the distribution of drugs to Mexico and Central America. All were wanted for extradition by the Dallas Prosecutor General in the U.S.

Those arrested are believed to belong to trafficking organizations “Loco Barrera,” “Los Mellizos” and “Los Hermanos Calle Serna.”

This is the biggest anti-drug trafficking operation carried out jointly between Colombia and the U.S. since operation “Milenio” in 1999.

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