2 shot dead in Cartagena over weekend

Cartagena authorities are investigating the murders of two people that occurred in the city over the weekend.

The first victim was 34-year-old Andres Manuel Manotti Barcelo, who was shot by a gunman in the neighborhood 20 de Julio in the southwest of the coastal city.

Manotti was waiting for passengers in a motorcycle taxi station, when two men arrived on a motorcycle. One of the men got off, walked towards him, and shot him three times.

The victim was taken to the San Juan de Dios clinic, but was dead upon arrival. Relatives claimed that Manotti had arrived in Cartagena a couple of months previous, from the department of Cesar.

The other case was that of 46 -year-old Juan Jose Hernandez Arzuza who was killed in the central sector of Olaya Herrera in southeast Cartagena.

Hernandez died when he was shot on the rooftop of a store on La Trinidad road. Authorities are investigating whether his death is associated with gang-related problems because of an alleged vengeance against his children.

Most recently, 6 people have died at the hands of criminals in Cartagena, Caracol Radio reported Monday.

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