Ex-Miss Colombias turn to TV for stardom

Two former Miss Colombia beauty queens have turned to television as their new popularity platform, seeking fame as stars in two different T.V. series on the Caracol channel.

Ex-queen Michelle Rouillard will be making her debut as a star in “Tu Voz Estereo,” replacing previous acress Maria Jose Martinez, who has moved on to new projects.

In Tu Voz, Rouillard will play a sexy journalist, with dark long hair and a passion for the radio and research.

Tu Voz Estero will be running Monday through Friday at 6PM daily.

Another former Miss Colombia, Valerie Dominguez, will be appearing as “Cristina Oviedo” in the second season of “Los Caballeros las Prefieren Brutas,” a Colombian twist on “Gentlemen Prefer Blondes,” that instead prefers rude women.

“The new season is more modern, it has the fun characters that it’s always had as well as additional ones, where everyone will re-evaluate their lives,” said Jorg Hiller, one of the show’s writers.

The series promises thrills, complicated work relationships, family drama, deception, and complex love triangles. The show is a joint production with Sony Entertainment Television.

Los Caballeros las Prefieren Brutas II will be screened Monday through Friday at 10:30PM.

According to the Colombian television-network-grapevine, Caracol is also seriously thinking about taking on the actress as a host for the upcoming Miss Universe competition, despite Miss Dominguez being indicted and charged with embezzlement and falsifying documents.

Implicated in the AIS agricultural subsidy scandal, Dominguez allegedly accepted $173,000 meant for poor, rural farmers, despite not being poor, rural, or a farmer.

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