2 ELN fighters killed in air strike

Two members of the ELN, a Colombian guerrilla group, were killed in a government air strike, Radio Caracol reported Monday.

The fighters were killed when the Colombian air force bombed what it suspected to be an ELN camp. Another ELN guerrilla, aged 15, was wounded in the attack and given medical attention after he was discovered by police.

The fighters were killed in Antioquia, Colombia’s second largest department by population and located in center of the country.

The ELN is Colombia’s second biggest guerilla organization and was founded on July 4, 1964. It is currently estimated to have 2,000 fighters at its disposal and last week expressed its determination to continue its struggle with the government.

The ELN has used kidnapping and extortion to further its goals and has been accused of participating in the drug trade.

The guerrillas were killed in a joint action between the police and the air force.

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