Colombian armed forces destroy 32 FARC camps

Colombian armed forces have reported the destruction of 32 FARC encampments in the eastern department of Vichada.

The encampments, located in an area known as the “triangle” between the towns of Guerima, Puerto Principe and Chupave, were destroyed in a joint effort by the Colombian Air Force and the Army’s 28th Jungle Brigade, Colombian media reported Monday.

An Air Force official said that the attacks were made on the Oliverio Rincon company of the FARC’s 16th Front, which has reportedly been utilizing the area as an air base for planning attacks, both against civilians and against military units operating in the area.

“Apparently this area would be utilized as a possible threat to the civilian population from the inspections of Puerto Principe and Guerima, and additionally, to sabotage the exploration work of the Talisman oil company and cause delays when removing equipment that was found in the inspection of Guerima towards the municipality of Cumaribo,” Air Force officials stated in a communique obtained by newspaper El Espectador.

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