A Colombian-born woman is conquering the boxing world

Colombian-born Cecilia Breakhus is the world champion of welterweight boxing and a knock-out success in Europe.

Born in Colombia’s Caribbean city of Cartagena in 1981, Cecilia Carmen Linda Braekhus has risen rapidly in the boxing world, having won an astonishing 70 of the 80 matches she has fought.

Cecilia was adopted at the age of three and raised in Norway, which also happens to be one of the few countries — along with Cuba, North Korea, Iran and Iceland — that has banned the sport for being too dangerous. It is not the only thing which has made her choice of career so improbable.

“My mum is a university professor and my dad works at a consulting firm. They always wanted me to devote myself to study,” said Cecilia.

Cecilia began kick boxing at the age of 13. By 2007 she had won almost every major tournament on the European circuit, and needed a new challenge. Since boxing is banned in Norway, she decided to move to Germany to begin her boxing career, after achieving everything she could in the kick boxing sphere.

“Boxing is very difficult to learn because you must know your body, and have complete control over it…it is like chess, you must be conscious of every movement,” said Cecilia.

“She has everything it takes to be the best,” said her trainer Ulli Wegner.

Paradoxically, Cecilia won Norway’s sportswoman of the year award in 2012, despite her chosen sport being banned in the country.

Cecilia is currently preparing for an April 13 match in Denmark against the Mexican-American Mia St. John. A veteran of the sport, Mia has won both the super welterweight and lightweight titles, and has a record of 47 wins in 60 fights. Of her victories, 18 have been by knockout. nevertheless, Cecilia is confident she has what it takes to beat Mia St. John.

“If someone tells me I can not do something, I strive to achieve even more,” said Braekhus.


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