‘64% of union murders worldwide happen in Colombia’: union leader

(Photo: Vanguardia)

According to the president of the General Labor Confederation (CGT), 64% of union member murders worldwide take place in Colombia.

Speaking to Caracol Radio, Julio Roberto Gomez declared: “this is a worrying statistic for the unions.”

Approximately 500 union representatives from across the country have this week convened in Paipa, Boyaca to discuss the issue of collective reparations for victims who suffered as a result of connections to labor organizations.

“The union movement was punished economically but it is not money we want, we want political reparations and we want a situation of freedom for the unions” said Roberto.

Speaking at the reunion in Paipa, director of Unity for Victims Paula Gaviria also spoke of the need to create a ‘Truth Commission’, to compare the National Union’s statistics  (2,870 union members murdered and 487 union member victims) with other data sources to determine who genuinely deserves reparation.


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