5 Colombian citizens make Forbes billionaires list

Five Colombians have made it on to the 2013 Forbes list of the world’s richest people.

According to the iconic business magazine, Forbes, there are 1,426 billionaires in the world today, 129 of whom are located in Latin America.

Two Colombians have been listed in the top one hundred, both of whom have broad portfolios including ownership of various media corporations. Luis Carlos Sarmiento, whose wealth is derived primarily from banking, takes 64th place with $13.9 billion, and beer brewer Alejandro Santo Domingo Davila holds 82nd place with $11.7 billion. These men are the only South Americans featured within the top 99 positions.

Postobon soft drink tycoon and owner of the Atletico Nacional soccer team, Carlos Ardila Lulle, has returned to the ranks of billionaires in 225th place with a $5.4 billion fortune. The last time he appeared on the list was 1997.

Banker Jaime Gilinski joins the ranks for the first time in 613th position with a net worth of $2.4 billion.

At number 1,268, with a net worth of $1.1 billion is Woods Stanton, whose Arcos Dorados (Golden Arches) company owns the rights to operate McDonald’s in Latin America and the Caribbean.

Colombia’s economy has grown at an average 6.7% over the last decade which, according to Forbes, gives “those with the right set of skills and an entrepreneurial mindset the opportunity to make a lot of money.”


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