3 alleged members of ‘Los Urabeños’ captured

Three alleged members of criminal gang “Los Urabeños,” said to be responsible for 35% of the murders committed in the Caribbean region in 2011, were captured, Colombian newspaper El Espectador reported Monday.

According to the Criminal Gangs Unit of the Anti Narcotics Department of the National Police, Jhonny Jesus Estrada Rivera, alias “Raul,” Henry de Jesus Gil Muñoz, alias “Cristian” or “El Paisano,” and Jorge Eduardo Cardenas Creo, alias “John,” were arrested as suspected members of the criminal gang.

The three suspects were detained in the northern department of Cesar as a result of a police operation.

According to authorities, the three men are involved in at least 40 killings that have been committed in the Caribbean region in 2011, 35% of the total number of murders. The men must appear before prosecuting authorities, charged with the crime of conspiracy.

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