17% increase in Colombia air travel during Holy Week

Colombia’s Civil Aeronautics agency said Thursday more than 800,000 passengers had traveled by plane during Holy Week, an increase of 17% compared to last year.

According to Alfonso Lozano, deputy director of the avation authority, the most popular destinations were in Colombia’s Caribbean region, with the cities of Santa Marta, Barranquilla, Cartagena and the island of San Andres seeing increases in visitors. Also, the southwestern cities of Cali and Popayan registrered more visitors by plane, as well as the coffee region.

In terms of international air travel, statistics showed that Colombians primarily went to the United States, Panama and Aruba during Holy Week.

Lozano said Colombia’s domestic and international flights had been marked by “tranquility and normality” during the course of the religious holiday.


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