14 killed in clash between ELN and Colombia military

(Photo: Ejercito Nacional)

A clash between the ELN and National Army has left two soldiers and 12 guerrillas dead on Tuesday in Northeastern Colombia, according to reports by local media. 

The 34th Mobile Brigade of the National Army were defending a township in Saravena, Arauca when the one of Colombia’s largest guerrilla networks, the ELN struck.

According to the report, the ELN were attempting to gain control of the Caño Limon oil pipeline, the second most important in Colombia which led to clashes with the Army, leaving 12 ELN members and two soldiers dead.

General Luis Danilo Murcia Caro, commander of the 34th Brigade stated that “it was ELN terrorists who attacked the security forces. Unfortunately we lost two of our country’s heroes and 12 guerrillas.”

The General Marcia Caro is commander of the Quiron Task Force which is tasked with fighting guerrilla groups and drug-trafficking across Colombia.

Saravena, Arauca



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