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Our Lady of Mount Carmel appears in burnt down candle

Colombia news - It's the virgin again

A very active Lady of Mount Carmel appeared again. This time in Cali and not in a
cup of coffee
or on a tree, but in the remains of a burnt down candle.

Members of the Rodriguez family say they were doing their routine prays to the Holy Virgin when, after having left the candle burning to go to the kitchen, the mother saw how the candle had turned into an image of the virgin.

“I went to the kitchen and when I came back a while later there was no candle, but the image,” she said.

To honor and to preserve the Virgin’s appearance, the family keeps the ‘holy candle’ in a glass box on an improvised altar. Filled with joy by the miracle, family and neighbors surround the candle and joined the family to pray to Our Lady of Mount Carmel ever since.

Even the son, who is not very religious at all, is convinced of the appearance. “I sincerely believe it. Yes, the Virgin appeared,” Farely Rodriguez told Canal RCN.

The family is waiting for the Church to confirm the miracle.