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Uribe ‘not vain’ says personal stylist

Looking good is a serious business when you are the president of cosmetic-surgery-obsessed Colombia. But Álvaro Uribe is anything but vain,
claims his personal stylist.

In an interview with El Tiempo, Uribe’s hairdresser José Luis Botero said that while the Colombian President recognizes how important the image of a president is, his looks are inconsequential to him.”

Botero said that although he has managed to convince Uribe to use anti-hairloss treatments, he is yet to tame the silver haired señor’s unruly cowlick.

So has Uribe, who ascended the Presidency in 2002 with a thick head of jet-black hair, considered touching up his grey hair?

“He couldn’t be less interested,” said Botero. “I don’t think he ever will be”.