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Trouble in paradise? Shakira and Pique relationship ‘on the rocks’

Colombia news - Shakira and Pique

The relationship between Shakira and Gerard Pique has captured the imagination of millions some, but the writing could be on the wall for Colombia’s sweetheart and the Barcelona soccer player, according to media.

The bond that once waxed so vigorously has apparently begun to wane in intensity, and Pique is now rethinking their future.

The Barcelona star is feeling the pressure both on the pitch and off it. Pique has reportedly been overwhelmed by the intense media interest generated by their pairing, which has added to his worries about a few recent subpar soccer performances.

According to the gossip website Vanitatis, people close to the player say Pique is “tired” of being the focus of the sports media and constantly facing questions over his performance connected to his relationship with the Colombian superstar.

As if it couldn’t get any worse, he feels his pint-sized flame is not a support to him but just another worry.

Can our sweethearts navigate this rocky road to make recent wedding rumors a reality?