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Triple Virgin apparition on Colombian palm tree

triple virgin apparition

Not one, not two, but three Holy Virgins graced the north Colombian state of Sucre with their presence, appearing in what is fast becoming the Virgin’s favorite Colombian haunt – a palm tree.

In the midst of enough lightening and rain to make even the survivors of Noah’s Ark quake in their boots, Jhon Jairo Salcedo of Morroa, Sucre, glanced at a palm tree in front of his house and saw an apparition of the Virgin Mary on the trunk.

Jhon Jairo ran to tell friends and family of the spiritual sight and before the rains had subsided, the house was crowded with people clamoring for a glimpse of the heavenly maiden.

The following day locals reported that two more figures had appeared in the tree; the Virgin of Guadalupe and the Virgin of Carmen, holding baby Jesus in her arms.

News of the triple apparition spread throughout the region and pilgrims arrived to kneel in reverence before the Virgins of the Palm… and snap a quick pic with their digital cameras and cell phones.

This is not the first time virgins have chosen to appear in palm trees in Colombia. A palm tree in Colombia’s Caribbean department of Cordoba hosted an apparition of the Virgin of Guadalupe. Another lucky palm tree in the eastern Colombian town of Bucaramanga was also graced with a virgin’s presence.

Sixty-year-old Teresa Augusta Anaya told El Heraldo she believed that the Virgins had appeared in the violence-ravaged Sucre department to ask for peace.

However a man, who asked to remain anonymous, said that the apparitions on the tree were not Virgins but water stains caused by the storm.

The disbeliever’s theory has been largely ignored and Jhon Jairo and his family spent  the weekend rocking in hammocks on the porch, watching two of God’s most wondrous creations, the Virgins and the soccer World Cup.