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Top US Democrat calls for passage of US-Colombia FTA

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U.S. House of Representatives Majority Leader Steny Hoyer said Tuesday that Congress should pass the pending free trade agreement (FTA) with Colombia.

“I’d like to see Panama and Colombia pass,” the congressman told the press, as reported by AFP.

Hoyer accepted that the deal is problematic, describing it, along with the potential U.S. FTAs with Korea and Panama, as “very controversial.”

“Basically, however, I believe that America can compete with the rest of the world if we have a level and fair trading field. So I’m one of those that believes that trade is helpful and creates jobs over the long run,” the congressman continued.

The prominent Democrat’s comments came the day before Obama’s annual State of the Union speech. Hoyer’s statements are particularly significant because the U.S.-Colombia FTA, which was signed in 2006, has not yet been implemented due to concerns about Colombia’s human rights record on the part of Democratic members of Congress.