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Together we can reach peace and greater social justice: Santos

Colombia news - Santos

Colombia President Juan Manuel Santos on Sunday expressed his wish for “true peace” and “greater social justice” in the annual presidential Christmas speech.

In the televised speech, Santos said that “together we can achieve that our country, with all its talent and possibilities, reaches a true peace; a peace that is not just the end of violence but also progress towards a greater social justice.”

The administration of the Colombian president is involved in talks with the country’s largest rebel group FARC to seek a negotiated end to the country’s 48-year-old armed conflict between leftist rebels and the state.

According to Santos, these peace talks were made possible “because the Colombians, united around our armed forces, have agreed to reject violence and intimidation.”

“This time every year we wish for prosperity and peace. I would like to wish you the same today and I know that all, in your prayers and novenas, have joined their intentions towards the same goal,” the president said, adding that “I would like to thank each one and all of you Colombians for believing in and –with your labor — making a new horizon for our country possible.”

“On behalf of the national government, [wife] Maria Clemencia, my children and myself, I wish you a merry Christmas with your family,” Santos concluded.