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Teenagers murdered after Facebook death list

Colombia news - Puerto Asis

Three teenagers were murdered in southern Colombia, following death threats against them and 66 others on social media website Facebook.

According to Colombian Ombudsman Volmar Perez, the three are part of a list of 69 people from the town of Puerto Asis, Putumayo.

Perez said that the murders “coincide with a the publication of a list with the names and aliases of 69 teenagers where is said that they have three days to leave Puerto Asis and if not, be killed.”

The victims, aged 15, 16, and 17, were killed by hitmen on a road just outside of the town.

The ombudsman “condemns the threats, intimidation and violent deaths of teenagers” on Facebook, and calls on authorities to investigate the origin of the threats and perpetrators of the murders. It is unclear whether the murders are carried out by leftist guerrilla group FARC or drug cartel “Los Rastrojos,” both highly active in the southern department.

Perez added that local authorities initially thought the list was a joke and only called for a security council meeting when a second and similar list appeared.