Walid Makled

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Drug lord’s lawyer sentenced to 5 years for fraud

The lawyer of an alleged Venezuelan drug lord was sentenced to five years in prison Tuesday for using a false warrant to reclaim property that used to belong to his  Full Article »

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US targets Hezbollah’s South American money laundering ring

The U.S. Treasury Department named four Lebanese men, one of whom also has Colombian citizenship, as drug kingpins and terrorists for allegedly laundering money in a South American scheme that  Full Article »

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Drug lord Makled claims ties to Venezuelan ex-judge

Renowned drug trafficker Walid Makled has revealed the details of his supposed links to dismissed Venezuelan Supreme Court judge Eladio Aponte, Radio Caracol reported Wednesday. Aponte “was my partner in  Full Article »

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Alleged drug trafficker Makled’s lawyers tell him to keep quiet during trial

Alleged Venezuelan drug trafficker Walid Makled, extradited from Colombia last year, remained silent during the second day of his trial following recommendations from lawyers, reported local media. “They [prosecutors] asked  Full Article »

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Colombia used drug lord to force Venezuela to eject FARC: Wikileaks

Colombia used its 2009 capture of Venezuelan drug lord Walid Makled to force its neighbor to eject FARC units operating in its territory, according to a Stratfor email published by  Full Article »

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Inspector general brings new charges against Cordoba

Colombia’s Inspector General’s Office has brought charges against Piedad Cordoba following claims from the Public Ministry that the ex-senator had been financing the political campaign of Colombian Ambassador Ricardo Montenegro.  Full Article »

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2 alleged partners to Walid Makled arrested in Barranquilla

Authorities in Barranquilla have arrested two men suspected of having ties to the extradited Venezuelan drug trafficker Walid Makled. The two men, wealthy Colombian landowner Victor Rafael Reales Hoyos and  Full Article »

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Extradited Makled officially charged in Venezuela

The alleged Venezuelan drug lord Walid Makled, extradited home on Monday, is officially charged with the crimes of contract killings, drug trafficking and money laundering, AFP reported. The 42-year-old will  Full Article »

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Alleged Venezuelan drug lord extradited home

The extradition of alleged drug lord Walid Makled has been completed Monday morning, with the Venezuelan being returned to his home country after nine months of detention in Colombia, reported  Full Article »

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Colombia will not extradite Makled without Venezuelan human rights guarantee

Colombia’s interior and justice minister, German Vargas Lleras, has said that Venezuela has not sent guarantees that alleged narco-kingpin Walid Makled’s human rights will be protected if he is extradited to  Full Article »

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Santos meets with US delegation to smooth FTA passage process

Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos will meet with a U.S. delegation Tuesday to discuss ratification of the bilateral free trade agreement and to patch up disagreements over alleged drug lord  Full Article »

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Colombia made Makled extradition offer to US: Rep. congressman

A republican congressman has announced his “outrage” at the Obama administration for apparently “passing up an initial extradition offer made by Colombia last fall” regarding alleged drug lord Walid Makled,  Full Article »

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Makled can be interviewed by US: Govt

Colombia’s Justice and Interior Minister German Vargas Lleras has said that U.S. agents are allowed to interview Walid Makled, the alleged Venezuelan drug lord who will soon be extradited to  Full Article »

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Colombia to extradite Makled to Venezuela, not US

Colombia’s interior and justice minister on Wednesday announced that his government will extradite alleged drug lord Walid Makled to his home country and not to the U.S., who also sought  Full Article »

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Makled’s lawyer demands Chavez guarentee client’s safety

The lawyer of Walid Makled asked Colombia to demand that Venezuela protects his client’s safety as President Chavez begins his state visit to Colombia, local media reported Saturday. Defense lawyer  Full Article »

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Extradite Makled to US: Inspector general

The Inspector General’s Office asked the Supreme Court to extradite drug-trafficker Walid Makled to the U.S., not Venezuela, Caracol Radio reported Friday. Inspector General Alejandro Ordoñez said that based on  Full Article »